Time management: for students, professionals, and athletes, it's the one activity that separates the stand-outs from the drop-outs.

Experts have long pointed to Time Blocking - scheduling time for every task - as the answer. But Time Blocking has always been tedious and inflexible.


Cloqworq's revolutionary planning technology let's you time-block like a champ in just 3 easy steps:

  1. 1

    Declare priorities.

    Dedicating specific windows of time to each priority ensures that you regularly focus on what's important in your life. Cloqworq uses this information to find the best time for each to-do.

  2. 2

    Add to-dos.

    It's never been easier to block time on your calendar. For each to-do, provide some basic information (all optional), and Cloqworq will find the best time.

    If there's simply not enough time, you'll know immediately.

  3. 3

    Stay on task.

    See your tasks and appointments together, in both a list and calendar view. Cloqworq will remind you before the start of each task.

    When something urgent comes up, don't fret! Cloqworq will re-schedule less-urgent tasks to make room.

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  2. Google Calendar Integration

    Connect Cloqworq to your Google Calendars so it can plan around your existing appointments.
  3. Notifications

    Stay on top of your day. Cloqworq notifies you 15 minutes prior to each appointment or to-do.
  4. Sync Across Devices

    One plan, many devices! All Cloqworq data automatically syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer.

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